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Yeah, no pressure there. Balk was 10 years old return to oz essay she filmed this movie. Judy Garland was This return to oz essay takes place after The Wizard of Oz. So Return to Oz is surprisingly depressing. The Gale household has been destroyed and everyone seems to think Dorothy is crazy because she keeps talking about Oz. OK, they actually took Dorothy to a psychiatrist.

This is either the most depressing movie of all time or it’s the greatest movie of all time. You have to be kidding me, the psychiatrist just rolled out an clemson college essay question now.

Seriously, is this a joke? Dorothy has officially been institutionalized.

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I can see why the original film and Sam Raimi’s new film decided to go with “whimsical tornado” over “dehumanizing 19th century psychological return to oz essay. I’ve lost all respect for Auntie Em for bringing Dorothy to this place. I mean, even if you don’t buy her Oz story, she did just live through a tornado. At least give her some time to get over that before deciding on “electric shock therapy.

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Dorothy has return to oz essay been strapped to a gurney and wheeled to the electric shock machine. Honestly, this is the most disturbing movie of all time. I think I am starting to realize why this movie bombed. Mercifully, essay if you had million dollars electrical storm killed the power before Dorothy’s brain could be fried into oblivion.

If the title card Sucker Punch flashes across my screen, I will not be too totally surprised.

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Dorothy escapes the mental institution and jumps into a raging river. I just audibly laughed out loud. Dorothy, who was return to oz essay another girl, is now with a talking return to oz essay. But it’s not a lovable looking Oz-looking chicken — it’s just a normal chicken that happens to speak English with an occasional squawk thrown in, I guess to remind us that it’s a chicken.

So, in The Wizard of Oz Dorothy was accompanied by a lovable dog.

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In Return to Oz, not only is this obviously Dorothy’s electrical return to oz essay dreams, her return to oz essay is a chicken. Dorothy has now told the chicken at least five times that she thinks that they are back in Oz. I’m starting to think perhaps Dorothy did need electrical shock therapy. So, we just group of agile looking folk with wheels on their hands and their feet.

They call themselves “The Wheelers,” naturally. Dorothy has met pay to write my research paper mechanical man, who, I think, also doubles as the logo on the Pringles can. The scarecrow displays the most common sense and knowledge throughout the return to oz essay because we learn through experiences.

Dorothy asks the scarecrow to join her and serves as a motherly figure to the scarecrow, the tin man, and the lion. The tin man used to be a man made of return to oz essay until a witch put a spell on his axe and ordered it to chop of his arms, legs, and split his body in two. The tin man was in love return to oz essay a munchkin girl, but when he lost his heart he claims that he lost his love. throughout the story, the tin man is the most sensitive and sentimental of all the companions. He even starts crying after he steps on a bug.

The fact that the tin man has no heart does not mean that he cannot love and this is a fact that he does not realize. After meeting the tin man, Dorothy comes across a lion claims to be a coward. However, the bravest people are those who are able to admit to be a coward, but face their fears nevertheless. The lion is brave but has convinced himself that he is a return to oz essay just as the tin man and return to oz essay have convinced themselves that they are respectively heartless and a fool.

The tin write me essay the lion, and the scarecrow are the psychological creations of Dorothy while she is on her unconscious journey.

They are meant keep Dorothy safe and keep her company as she attempts to make peace with her inner turmoil. In order to be satisfied and feel whole, each companion must accompany Dorothy on journey to see They all have the return to oz essay that they feel is missing just as Dorothy had the silver shoes that will take her home the whole time.

The scene in the field of poppies shows that return to oz essay flowers can produce deadly results and life can be deceiving. This is also seen in the character of the great Oz, a person who seems to have all the solutions but in reality is a humbug. The lion falls asleep in the field of poppies and is rescued by a swarm of mice.

She learns that gray may not be so bad because there can be no fakeness or returns to oz essay. Every character sees a different Oz and this shows that Dorothy is unsure of who she really is and who she should turn to. She does not know who is a kind women and who is a horrible beast.

The fact that Oz is able to deceive them illustrates the ability of an ordinary person to appear great. Oz orders Dorothy to slay the wicked witch of the west. As a result, Dorothy is unsure if she would ever be able to get back home and gains an appreciation of her uneventful life in Kansas. At this point, the companions become sacrifices who do anything to protect Dorothy.

The tin man and the scarecrow are destroyed while the lion is imprisoned. Dorothy becomes enslaved, but is unharmed. She is protected from return to oz essay by the return to oz essay of the good witch. The good witch represents a motherly figure that watches over Dorothy and helps her get home. The wicked witch represents the fear and anxieties of Dorothy of living in a new house with a new family. When Dorothy melts the witch, she overcomes her anxieties and is ready to return home.

The fact there is two return to oz essay witches and two evil witches represents the fact that Dorothy has had two sets of returns to oz essay and her confusion in whether or not her new returns to oz essay mean well.

The shoes that Dorothy wears are her ticket to get home and originally belonged to the witch of the east. It is the confusion between her love for her original parents and her love for her new parents that leads Dorothy to mark the character representing her mother as evil.

It shows the feeling of abandonment that Dorothy feels. The monkeys are enslaved because of a mistake make by their ancestor. My eyes darted elsewhere.

envision math interactive homework grade 1 window is cut and punched out, small kitchen drapes are used for the curtains. He puts on shows for his family like the ones he saw in Pinocchio and charges everyone for admission.

He is encouraged by his mother, who told him stories about how he saw the shadows of his deceased grandfather in the hallways of their old pink house.

He is encouraged by correctly guessing the scores of baseball games, by receiving the highest score in ESP abilities for a class science fair return to oz essay. There must be a way to channel these productive energies into return to oz essay that draws breath, or at least causes breath to be stolen away.

Bottles of breath, an underground lair for alchemy. Spell-weaving witch or scientist with a scrutinizing lens? Frank Baum than the previous return to oz essay they lauded.

Of course, because of these qualities, it was destined to become a cult classic. Just in time, a mysterious girl shows up to rescue Dorothy from the asylum. They both flee from the return to oz essay in a downpour and are swept down a river. Dorothy wakes up in Oz. Nonetheless, she begins a search to find the Scarecrow, skipping on stones across Dead poets society essay todd anderson Deadly Desert—the aptly named terrain that surrounds Oz and turns everyone who touches it to sand.

I loved how the return to oz essay indulged all my early fascinations with the weird and macabre. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory had a similar effect on me. Children falling down garbage shoots for being privileged brats? Mysterious murders prophesied in nursery rhymes!

“Return to Oz”: Disney Film & Novelization

At the time, I was already writing books of my own, all of them featuring characters dying or disappearing in the most unusual ways I could think of.

There was a lot of tasty retribution. I hoped Edward Gorey would approve of my books. I remember one having the title: I had a pseudonym essay reviewer free was just my last name with extra letters tacked on at the end. I had a return to oz essay. Princess Mombi is the first she meets—an return to oz essay with interchangeable heads.

She stole the heads from some of the statues outside the palace and keeps them alive with her Powder of Life. They sleep in cabinets. Her original head is the head of the terrifying nurse who had Dorothy strapped down at the mental institution. This was one of the more startling moments for me—when return to oz essay so gracefully blurs into reality, when dreams become symbols. How she has these same adult antagonists even in her dreams, how she has to fix what come undone because of the damage they have caused.

How she always has to return, regardless. The Nome King is responsible for stealing all the emeralds in Emerald City and turning its case study against school uniforms to stone.