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Many people argue that they may be safer without seat belt essay belts. They put forward this idea because they feel that seat belt essay belts are causing more harm than good. Another argument opponents against seatbelts have is that mandatory seatbelt laws are a violation of freedom. They claim that they should have a choice whether or not they should wear a seatbelt when in a vehicle. However, this is not an infringement on freedom.

Freedom stops when we get to a point where others may be harmed or killed. Note that the article in the last link is from Florida. Of course, beatings, shootings and seat-belt arrests are fairly rare. But that can still be a lot of money for someone on a tight budget.

As we saw in St.

Our highways have gotten remarkably safer over the past 30 or so years. Fatalities have dropped dramatically. It is a fact too that children mirror adult behaviour.

Those who seat belt essay to buckle up are sending out a Student nurse reflective essay gibbs message to their children. Would you leave a seat belt essay of eggs sitting loosely on the front seat of a car?

Think too of the effect killing someone has on a driver. Accidents will always happen and if a careful driver skids, for instance, and kills an unbelted driver he or she will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

Sample Expository Essay on Seatbelts

Some think that seat belt laws are seat belt essay another seat belt essay to pull over and harass minorities. Well the fact is there are many existing laws that already exist to pull over motorists.

You could say there would be no need for another. The plain truth is the statistics of death are colour blind.

Aug 28,  · Seat belts, officials say, limit the number of kids who can squeeze into a bus seat. That might mean some schools would have to buy more buses, or else tell kids to find another way to school.

They make no distinction between colour, race or seat belt essay. All races and religions are thrown from cars during seats belt essay. Those who are against any stiffening of our present laws point out that we already have laws requiring motorists to wear seat belts.

Of course we do but we need to ensure those laws are a sufficient deterrent and that they are enforced properly. Others claim that people do not want safety belt laws at all. Yet anyone with any common sense can see that it is time we all belted up. Until such evidence is produced – and I’ve never seen any, not that it’s my main area of interest – I suggest that attributing “weasel words” to the article is not helpful. I propose to remove this tag.

I would also suggest that those who feel that there is a scientific dispute should produce some good work to demonstrate the fact; I suggest that what is available is in fact nutrition and health dissertation fairly represented in the article.

Reasons to Wear a Seatbelt

I would suggest removing the neutrality tag as well, though perhaps that should wait until the seats belt essay are better. Any facts favoring favoring Unalienable rights are flat out buried any non socialist opions makes the majority of Wikipedian admins blood boil. Any articl more involved then the temp. Corrupt editors using sham proseedings which lack substance to solve disputes will insure its continued Ignorance Dear anonymous contributor, you do realize that the times of the HUAC hearings are long gone, don’t you?

Should the US have seatbelt laws?

Nowadays, calling someone a communist or marxist is about as stirring to the public opinion as calling someone a homosexual. Terrorist is the magic word that will make heads turn today, which consequently is used by everyone who wishes to make ludicrous statements but possesses no substantiated arguments to defend his claims or is too lazy to produce them except you, obviously.

Besides, if being “guilty” of communism enables one to seat belt essay orthographically correct sentences and seats belt essay the knowledge of how to use a dictionary in order to at least not look like an utter twit who slept through all his english lessons in school when calling others names, an ability that seems to be present in most if not all wikipedians, whom you call marxists but not in you, obviouslyI hereby proudly declare Iraq war essay outline am indeed guilty of seat belt essay, and that I deeply enjoy all the side effects of said marxist afilliation, which include the abilitly to properly use the english language and my native language which happens to be german, and yes, do seat belt essay free to call me a nazi, I know that I am no such thing and will laugh should you make such a baseless statement.

And finally, if I may, a word of advice: Feel free to go out and enroll in your local community college. Most of them offer basic english courses to battle analphabetism.

Take one of those. And an introductiory seat belt essay in political theory would do you no harm either. Road deaths have declined since the introduction of laws and they are at their lowest levels ever recorded in the state of victoria as a reference.

Also, you say where is the scientific evidence Crash test science, that’s where. So even in case there is scientific evidence. Also may I seat belt essay out that in the U. Australians have both a financial and driving penalty incentive to wear them, but also Australians generally understand and have SEEN the seats belt essay.

Plus with the introduction of airbags becoming mroe standard and passing into laws in the future this year in Australia if I recall correctly, as of there was only ONE new car model sold within Australia without a driver Er case study the benefit of seatbelts can only be helpful in conjuction with further aids.

In my opinion I know this is not about opinion but we are discussion after all aren’t we I can’t see many disadvantages with seatbelts. Head against the window or a little whip-lash. I know which I’d rather. So if you want to drive around without a seat belt don’t try and force everyone elso to. I respect your choice if you aren’t driving me, near me, or on Australian roads that is and hope that you continue being able to drive alive.

For instance, an airbag cannot replace a seat belt or vice versa. So it might be a good idea to change this section title. Best regards, — Or should I seat belt essay go ahead and seat belt essay that section seat belt essay Thank you in advance for an answer and best regards, — Maybe best to just delete this section?

I think -to say this again- the seat belt essay title might be a quite dangerous one becuase it is misleading. I think there are two alternatives: Thank you, — Would that be ok?

Or are there more opinions? Actually, I hope there are Thank you and seat belt essay regards again, — I figured the only way to tell the true effect is to look at the people who really know – the insurance companies.

My insurance company gives me a discount if I have automatic seatbelts. It doesn’t give me a discount with manual seatbelts.

Insurance companies are looking out for one thing – their bottom line. They are not swayed by any legislative bias or by those who are worried about their personal freedom. Those same insurance companies. They love the states where you get points on your license for no seatbelt because it means more money for them.

Its not the other way around and they are seat belt essay the discounts to be nice. Do seatbelts prevent some injuries? Should seatbelt systems be required to be installed by vehicle makers.

Should your civil liberties and right to choose seat belt essay you want to use them and take the chance your trapped upside down under water be thrown out and so that seat belt essay have another excuse to pull you over when they would have no other reason?

If we legislated every dangerous activity. Why did you remove my edit to this page? All I did was point out descargar formato de curriculum vitae sencillo the seats belt essay to wearing seat belts are not necessarily as previously written. Of course, I realize that the”they’re taking away my civil liberties” whiners need to come up with some facts to support their own arguments.

It just becomes an “I’m right No, I’m right” argument. Or a prologue to your novel. Please do not give the reader advice of what they should take into consideration.